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The series “WOMEN” is merged from two existing projects “Naked Faces” & “Redefining Beauty”. They both had different intentions but found them very complementary while time passed. After careful thought I decided to put the pictures together and use it as one big project.


Where “Naked Faces” focused on natural elegance and beauty of women, strong characters and expressions, accented with fashion elements. The other project, “Redefining Beauty“, had a focus on femininity, the beauty of imperfection in the female body and how each female individual has their own freedom about their body choices.

The future

I think natural beauty and imperfection are two elements that can live hand in hand as I choose not to edit out any imperfections, to be left with a natural look. Hoping to continue this series in the same direction, but leaving out the nudity as I want to focus more on portraits. Anyone between 18 and 35 years old with a classic, natural face is welcome for the series. Feel free to contact me if you have any interest.

WOMEN, the book

WOMEN, is a book containing pictures from both projects between 2015-2019. A limited edition of 20 signed copies exists.