Women Behind Emotions

For over two years I’ve been photographing women to capture real emotion. Trying to reflect my own emotions and feelings towards them. It was my first choice to work with women for the series because they tend to have a higher level of empathy. During the project I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person, primarily being honest to myself about what I feel. It was necessary to take that step, to be able to create the atmosphere in the photographs without telling literally what I felt.

For me, the series is a reflection of my past and present which hold memories, thoughts and deep feelings. It reminds me what I’ve been through and who I am until now. It was a great experience as a photographer and person and would like to thank everyone that worked with me the last two years to create these images. Also I’d like to thank Jens De Haes for being my friend and supportive character behind me to continue this project and help me getting it done.

All images were shot on film, and printed in my darkroom.
Prints available for sale after exposition. Every print is unique with only 1 copy existing.

Frames are provided by ‘t Ateljeeke Zelzate

Thanks for joining me

I would like to thank all the people that showed up on my exhibition. You’ve been great! Thanks for the sweet and kind words, the presence and support. Hoping to see you on the next event in a few years. It’s time to focus on photography again and start a new journey. An extra thanks for the people who bought a print, a book is now available. Please contact me for more information.


Exhibition held on 4th – 5th June, 2016 in Hekstraat 7, Evergem, Belgium. Saturday June, 4th 14h30 – 19h00 Sunday June, 5th 10h – 12h30 and 14h30 – 19h