Canon Selphy CP1200

A great little tool for every serious photographer.

And when I mean serious, I really do mean it. Photographers do not print enough. Reasons being costs, shipping costs or any other reason. Most of us don’t get out enough to a print shop and DIY there own prints. The other part of us photographers either use an online print service or don’t even print at all. Printing a picture matters and that is where the Canon Selphy comes in.


Yes! A Selphy printer. This printer is phenomenal in a lot of aspects. Firstly, it lets you print from anywhere (WiFi, SD, USB, ..) and if you buy the battery accessory you can print without any power outlet. So there’s no reason not to print anymore!

It does black and white very well. The prints have very neutral blacks, if you look well you can see a slight brownish tint but it’s far better than any cheap lab print. If you are into black and white and want some decent prints which retain a lot of detail in both shadows and highlights, I highly recommend this.

Thirdly, the cost of a print is about € 0.25, which is next to nothing. I use this printer mainly to do proof prints and make selections for  photography series and see “the bigger picture” without having to watch a computer screen.

Lastly, it’s too easy not to use it because there’s no excuse for not printing anymore. It’s compact, cheap and accessible.

What’s not so great?

It does have some downsides as well. If you print from a phone you don’t have too much control over the final print. I always use Lightroom so I can control the border size as well as the toning/colours. At first your colours might seem a little desaturated but after some tweaking it’s easy to create a profile and reuse this profile for all your images, so the print looks exactly the same like on your computer screen (if your screen is calibrated well).

Printing larger batches is possible but might take a while, since every print takes about 60 seconds to print and it’s probably more effective to do this on a larger printer.


Mehran Khalili October 9, 2018 Reply

Nice one. I’ve had a Selphy for quick prints for a few years and swear by it. So much easier to make photo selections with real, physical prints!

A question: You wouldn’t happen to know if there’s a way to change the border size for this printer using iOS would you? (I can do it in LR for Mac, but looking for a solution with my iPad)…

Jesse Struyvelt October 11, 2018 Reply

It is much easier indeed! It’s been a while since I printed from another device other than my computer but I remember there was a border setting in the Selphy App itself!

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