Deadcameras slim strap review

A great strap deserves a good camera! Err.. or is the other way around? Either way I’m in love with this handmade strap.

The straps comes packed in a bubble wrapped paper package which is branded, a good thing for the environment. You get a nice black wrapping paper and a fabric pouch which hold the strap. It comes together with two leather protection rings and a spare “dot” colour for your strap.

I’ve tried Artisan & Artist straps before and even Gordy straps from the USA. But nothing comes close to the quality of this leather, it still needs a little bit of a break-in but the neck part is so soft. Feels very comfortable to wear compared to the leather neck piece of the Gordy strap. So far I cannot see any wear on the strap from usage, which is quite nice! Wearing the strap is a breeze, when walking it’s just hanging there nicely. When you pick the camera up to shoot, the strap is still soft enough to easily bend and doesn’t create annoying shapes or gets in the way of your lens or hand/arms.

The metal rings aren’t too stiff which makes it quite easy to mount it on the camera. You don’t need any special tools to keep the rings open to mount it on the strap lugs. As said, there are two lug protectors included. I personally do not use them, but you just have to push them over the strap lug before attaching the strap. This will make sure that the strap rings won’t scratch the paint of your camera.

The maker of the straps is named Ricardo and sells his quality products at his online shop. Be sure to check them out as they really do make straps in all sorts and sizes, which honestly can be difficult to choose from! Ricardo is a very nice person to talk to and will sure help you with the choice of the strap.

All in all, I find that he approaches his products differently to all the other straps available on the market. Although I wish to see a durability test anywhere in the future. For me the strap is a keeper, it’ll stay on my Leica M4.

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